Danielle Pathak: Casting A Vision For Pastoral Health In The Vineyard

Episode 14 April 06, 2022 01:07:29
Danielle Pathak: Casting A Vision For Pastoral Health In The Vineyard
We Are Vineyard
Danielle Pathak: Casting A Vision For Pastoral Health In The Vineyard

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay and Danielle Pathak share about their early days as young adults in ministry, what they would each say to their 25-year-old self as they were about to move away from home to plant a church, and the value of seeking advice from those who have lived longer and experienced more.

They also talk about the origin story of their passion for developing emotional health and caring for the personal lives of themselves and their leadership teams.

Finally, Danielle shares about the work they are doing through the Lilly Grant to explore the experiences of pastors, specifically those in underrepresented and vulnerable demographics, and some dreams they have about ways to cultivate the financial, emotional and relational lives of Vineyard pastors.

Danielle Pathak is the Interim Associate National Director for Pastoral Health and Development. Danielle grew up in Columbus, Ohio and started attending the Columbus Vineyard as a young teenager. Danielle attended Ohio State University and graduated with a BA in Human Development and Family Studies. She attended Vineyard Leadership Institute in Columbus, Ohio for theological training before church planting in Denver with her husband Jay and a small team in 2001.

After several years of building and developing the Arvada Vineyard and also having her daughters, she became the Staff and Spiritual Formation Pastor for the Mile High Vineyard, a family of neighborhood churches in the Denver area which includes the original Arvada Vineyard. She completed a certificate in Spiritual Direction in 2013 from Sustainable Faith, took on additional training in Family Systems work, and most recently added a certificate in Spiritual Formation and Leadership in 2020 from the Transforming Center in Chicago, IL. Her true joy in this life outside of her faith is her family, her husband of 23 years, Jay, and her daughters Jasmine (age 17) and Sofia (age 14).

Show Notes:

The Ferment Podcast: Jay and Danielle Pathak https://bit.ly/3uUiXc4

The Art of Neighboring by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon https://amzn.to/3JirIl3

Lilly Grants for Pastors https://bit.ly/3uZ1pv7

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