Bryan McLees: Convoy of Hope, Vineyard USA's Partner in Disaster Relief

Episode 10 March 09, 2022 01:01:19
Bryan McLees: Convoy of Hope, Vineyard USA's Partner in Disaster Relief
We Are Vineyard
Bryan McLees: Convoy of Hope, Vineyard USA's Partner in Disaster Relief

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Brian McLees shares about growing up a pastor’s kid, studying with John Wimber at Fuller Seminary, and a formational encounter he had with the Holy Spirit and a demonized man. He also shares about the overarching theme of kindness that has defined his life’s path, how he came to join the team at Convoy of Hope and their current response to the war in Ukraine.

Bryan McLees has been a part of the Vineyard church planting storyline with chapters in New England and Colorado since 1982-ish.  He began serving the Vineyard through his Network Relations Director role at Convoy of Hope in 2006.  Helping churches respond to poverty, towards a sustainable hope, is a calling he shares with an incredible team at Convoy of Hope.

Show Notes:

Convoy of Hope

Rich Nathan talks with Hal Donaldson from Convoy of Hope

Donate to support Ukraine!

Managing Leadership Anxiety by Steve Cuss Vineyard USA’s suggested reading for March

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