Hannah Estabrook: Imagining A More Neighborly Response To Women Caught in Sex Trafficking

Episode 34 August 24, 2022 01:13:39
Hannah Estabrook: Imagining A More Neighborly Response To Women Caught in Sex Trafficking
We Are Vineyard
Hannah Estabrook: Imagining A More Neighborly Response To Women Caught in Sex Trafficking

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with Hannah Estabrook about her work as a mental health clinician working with survivors of sex trafficking. Hannah shares about her early experiences with the Holy Spirit, how she was drawn to the mental health field and how continuing to follow the next right step led her to establish a drop-in center for women involved in sex work. She also shares her personal practices that have prevented her from burning out, her goals in working alongside survivors, and the most surprising thing the Lord is doing in her heart right now.

Hannah Estabrook, MA, LPCC-S has been working as a clinician in the mental health field for over seventeen years and has specialized in providing direct services to survivors of sex trafficking. Her work with survivors has included the settings of the criminal justice system (CATCH Court), as well as the streets (Sanctuary Night), where she currently serves as Executive Director. She also serves as a pastor of The Abbey, a contemplative Vineyard church in the city of Columbus, Ohio.

Show Notes: https://vineyardusa.org/associations/ Vineyard USA suggested reading for August https://vineyardusa.org/gospel-with-the-poor/ Sojourners: Should Prostitution Be Decriminalized? https://sojo.net/magazine/may-2022/should-prostitution-be-decriminalized The Abbey https://theabbeycolumbus.church Sanctuary Night https://www.sanctuarynight.com/

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