Nicole Dill: Walking Out Your Calling In The Church AND The Marketplace

Episode 45 November 09, 2022 01:15:50
Nicole Dill: Walking Out Your Calling In The Church AND The Marketplace
We Are Vineyard
Nicole Dill: Walking Out Your Calling In The Church AND The Marketplace

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay chats with Nicole Dill about being born into a party, reading in the corners of bars and clubs where her dad played music, and how her life as a spiritually-seeking preteen eventually led her to a defining encounter with the Holy Spirit. Nicole shares about learning to trust the Lord to guide the expression her calling takes in different seasons of life, and the way all of her different experiences and roles are being utilized in her current position as the Communications Director for Vineyard USA. They discuss the discipline and gift of anchoring into community, the value in bringing exactly who you are to your local church, and the joy of being a conduit and a resource for the kingdom of God.

Nicole Dill is the Communications Director for Vineyard USA. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where she came to faith as a teenager, and quickly found a church family at Vineyard Columbus. In 2002, she moved to Colorado to help plant the Arvada Vineyard, and helped lead this growing church plant while finishing her degree in Photography at the Art Institute of Colorado. In 2008, Nicole planted and pastored the first multisite church for the Mile High Vineyard in downtown Denver with a team from the Arvada Vineyard. After several years of pastoring there she handed the site off to another pastor and helped several other Vineyard church plants and established churches in the Denver area.

Nicole has also worked extensively outside the church leading creative teams at Anthropologie as a store designer, as Chief Operations Officer for TEDxMileHigh, the largest TEDx in North America, and for the White House as an Advance Associate for the President. She consults many growing organizations around their creative, operations, and HR needs in the nonprofit and entrepreneurial sectors.

Nicole lives in Denver with her husband Jason, and two daughters, Vera (7) and Rosalie (6) and attends the East Denver Vineyard.

Show Notes: The Gospel Precisely by Matthew Bates Vineyard USA’s suggested reading for November

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