Bubba Justice: A New Chapter For Vineyard Missions

Episode 37 September 14, 2022 01:06:58
Bubba Justice: A New Chapter For Vineyard Missions
We Are Vineyard
Bubba Justice: A New Chapter For Vineyard Missions

Sep 14 2022 | 01:06:58


Show Notes

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with Bubba Justice about his formational experiences of being raised in poverty by a single mother and visiting his grandmother’s homeless shelter, his first experiences with the Holy Spirit, and how his education in finance turned out to be an asset in ministry. Bubba shares about his goal of planting churches throughout the world that are self-sustaining, and some exciting collaborative opportunities in international missions. Finally, Bubba offers an encouragement to pastors to dream about missional opportunities both “near and far”.

Elgie “Bubba” Justice is the Chief Financial Officer and Missions Coordinator for Vineyard USA. In his capacity as the Missions Coordinator, he gives leadership to VUSA Missions by overseeing mobilization, training, partnership development, and coordinating US activity with Vineyard associations internationally. As CFO, he oversees the financial and human resource systems for the Vineyard Movement in the United States.

Prior to this role, Bubba served as the National Coordinator for Vineyard USA for four years, starting in 2017 under the leadership of Phil Strout. Over the years, Bubba has served in Vineyard Leadership on the Executive Team, Vineyard Resources Board, Vineyard Worship Board, and on the Multiply Vineyard Advisory Team.

After working in the financial world as a C.P.A., a financial manager, and a chief financial officer, Bubba was the senior pastor of the Inverness Vineyard Church (IVC)for 23 years. Before planting IVC, Bubba served in many roles as a volunteer pastor in the Birmingham Vineyard from 1983 until 1993. Some of the ministries Bubba led included youth, children, nursery, intercession, small groups, and ministry team.

Bubba and his wife Melany live in Houston, TX, and have two married daughters and one grandchild.

Show Notes: Vineyard USA suggested reading for September Prophetic Lament by Soong-Chan Rah https://vineyardusa.org/podcast/ Compassion International https://www.compassion.com/ Convoy of Hope https://convoyofhope.org Petros Network https://petrosnetwork.org

Socials: Vineyardusa.org @vineyardusa

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