Dr. Matt Croasmun: Following Jesus Brings More Questions AND More Assurance

Episode 47 November 23, 2022 01:31:46
Dr. Matt Croasmun: Following Jesus Brings More Questions AND More Assurance
We Are Vineyard
Dr. Matt Croasmun: Following Jesus Brings More Questions AND More Assurance

Show Notes

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with Matt Croasmun about growing up in the Evangelical Covenant Church, and how getting involved with Intervarsity sparked his interest and love of scripture and ministry and tied him to a local church where he encountered the Living God. Matt shares about the new questions and new assurances he gathers as he deepens in relationship with Jesus and scripture, and why he believes questions are healthy, biblical, and the key to relationship.

Matt Croasmun is Associate Research Scholar and director of the Life Worth Living program at the Yale Center for Faith & Culture at Yale Divinity School and lecturer of Humanities at Yale University. He also serves as faith initiative director at the Grace Farms Foundation and as a pastor at the Elm City Vineyard Church, which he helped plant in 2007 and where he served as lead pastor for six years. He is author of The Body of Sin: The Cosmic Tyrant in Romans (2017), Let Me Ask You a Question: Conversations with Jesus (2018), For the Life of the World: Theological that Makes a Difference with Miroslav Volf (2019), and The Hunger for Home: Food and Meals in the Gospel of Luke with Miroslav Volf (2022). Life Worth Living: A Guide to What Matters Most with Miroslav Volf and Ryan McAnnally-Linz is forthcoming in March 2023.

Show Notes: The Gospel Precisely by Matthew Bates Vineyard USA’s suggested reading for November https://amzn.to/3WJsL5J Free of Charge by Miroslav Volf https://amzn.to/3Ev0uHB The Hunger For Home by Matthew Croasmun and Miroslav Volf https://amzn.to/3EQxj2b Let Me Ask You A Question by Matthew Croasmun https://amzn.to/3V22bmS Life Worth Living by Miroslav Volf, Matthew Croasmun and Ryan McAnnally-Linz Coming March 2023 https://amzn.to/3GCXzzm

Socials: Vineyardusa.org @vineyardusa Matt’s Twitter: @mattcroasmun

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