Eleanor Mumford: Steeped In The Word and Filled With The Spirit

Episode 43 October 26, 2022 01:27:22
Eleanor Mumford: Steeped In The Word and Filled With The Spirit
We Are Vineyard
Eleanor Mumford: Steeped In The Word and Filled With The Spirit

Show Notes

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay chats with Eleanor Mumford about the steady investment of her college roommate’s prayers in her life that eventually led her to Jesus, and the practices in her young adult life that established her love of the Bible. Eleanor talks about becoming confirmed in the Anglican Church, the entrance of the Holy Spirit into their lives, and meeting John Wimber, learning that the ministry of the Holy Spirit is for everyone, all the time. Finally, Eleanor shares the story of persevering in confirming their call from the Lord to plant a Vineyard in the UK, and their process of submitting to authority in waiting for the blessing from Vineyard elders.

Eleanor married John in 1978 after meeting at University. They trained together under John Wimber in California, before starting the first Vineyard church in Europe in 1987 (SW London Vineyard). In 2008 they handed over the leadership of that church to concentrate more on the Vineyard movement, both nationally and internationally, then in 2015 they transitioned the leadership of Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland. Together they now focus on helping facilitate the grow of the Vineyard internationally and speaking around the world.

Show Notes: Vineyard USA suggested reading for October Alpha Booklet “Why Jesus” by Nicky Gumbel https://bit.ly/3MlFmHD

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