Kevin Fischer: The Value Of One More

Episode 46 November 16, 2022 01:25:28
Kevin Fischer: The Value Of One More
We Are Vineyard
Kevin Fischer: The Value Of One More

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with Kevin Fischer about growing up on a dairy farm, how an encounter with the Holy Spirit changed his family, and his experience being discipled by his college chaplain. Kevin shares about going from life in rural Green Bay and college in Iowa to teaching at an inner city school in Miami, and the culture shock of finding himself as the only white person at the school. He also talks about giving up his career as a teacher to follow a clear word from the Lord about becoming a Vineyard pastor, and the sacrifices and conscious choices he made to make the church more accessible to unchurched people. Finally, Kevin explains some simple evangelism tips that allow you to partner with what Jesus might be doing in people without being weird.

Kevin Fischer serves as lead pastor of Miami Vineyard Community Church, an outward-focused, multi-cultural church that every year experiences hundreds of people making first time decisions for Christ. His passion is to see every person experience the life-changing power of Jesus and grow to become everything God designed them to be.

Kevin and Debbie have five kids and too many cats and is a Die-Hard Packer Fan. In addition to serving his local church, Kevin also serves on a Regional Leadership Team for Vineyard USA overseeing churches in the Gulf Coast Region.

Show Notes: The Gospel Precisely by Matthew Bates Vineyard USA’s suggested reading for November Rich Nathan: Evangelism & Social Justice – We Need Both Wings Of The Plane

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