Ray Maldonado: Embracing A Kingdom AND A Missional View Of Diversity

Episode 36 September 07, 2022 01:19:20
Ray Maldonado: Embracing A Kingdom AND A Missional View Of Diversity
We Are Vineyard
Ray Maldonado: Embracing A Kingdom AND A Missional View Of Diversity

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In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Jay talks with Ray Maldonado about the decades of work he’s invested in advocating for diversity and developing multicultural churches. Ray shares the story of how the Lord reclaimed his marriage, the scripture that turned his heart toward the fringes of his community, his call to ministry, and how he came to study diversity in the Vineyard Movement as a doctoral student. Ray and Jay discuss what they have been gleaning from the Evangelical Covenant Church and the challenges and opportunities a Euro-American, English-dominant church may encounter in moving toward multiculturalism.

Dr. Rafael Maldonado Jr., or “Ray” as he is known to his friends, pastored in Chicago for 29 years in two churches. He is the head Caribbean Missions Coordinator for the Vineyard Movement, and also leads a Partnership for an island in the Caribbean. Besides developing a church planting program, Ray is a Certified Coach and coaches church planters and leaders in the U.S. and Latin America. He and his wife Teresa have five children and eleven grandchildren, live in Lakeland, Florida and are involved in the Lakeland Vineyard. Ray’s heart is to promote the heart of Jesus for the Biblically diverse church that he calls the Transcultural Church. He received his doctoral degree from Bakke Graduate University.

Show Notes: Vineyard USA suggested reading for September Prophetic Lament by Soong-Chan Rah https://vineyardusa.org/podcast/ Evangelical Covenant Church- Sankofa https://covchurch.org/mercy-justice/sankofa/

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