Robb Morgan: Risks Of Faith And Living A Life Of Adventure

Episode 6 February 09, 2022 01:02:38
Robb Morgan: Risks Of Faith And Living A Life Of Adventure
We Are Vineyard
Robb Morgan: Risks Of Faith And Living A Life Of Adventure

Feb 09 2022 | 01:02:38


Show Notes

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, our host Jay Pathak chats with Robb Morgan, the Managing Director of Vineyard USA, about the risks they took as young adults learning to hear from Jesus and how this built a lifestyle of taking Kingdom risks. Robb shares the radical story of being introduced to Jesus by a bartender, the immediate change in the trajectory of his life, and the incredible value of the formative friendships that were built during those years. This episode is full of fun and powerful stories of God moving in the lives of these two men whose faith and sense of Kingdom adventure will both inspire and ground you in the Lord’s goodness.

Robb Morgan is the Managing Director of Vineyard USA. Robb grew up in Danbury, CT before going to college at The Ohio State University where he played for and captained the OSU Men’s Soccer Team from 1991-1995, graduating from OSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1996. In 1998, following a very dark and difficult few years, Robb encountered Jesus while on a business trip to Southern California. Over the course of one week, a bartender at the hotel where Robb was staying, and who happened to attend a Vineyard Church, proclaimed the love of God and demonstrated the power of Jesus. At 2am on September 1, Robb surrendered his life to Jesus – just a few hours before hopping on a plane and going back to Ohio.

Upon returning to Columbus, Robb immediately got involved with Joshua House, the young adult ministry at Vineyard Columbus. It was there that Robb met his wife Julie, and they attended a small group led by Jay & Danielle Pathak. At Vineyard Columbus, Robb led multiple small groups, attended Vineyard Leadership Institute and interned with Bill Christensen. In 2001, along with a team of young adults, Robb and Julie moved to Colorado to be a part of the Arvada Vineyard church plant led by Jay & Danielle.

In 2004, Robb, Julie and their three month old daughter Emma returned to the Columbus area and joined the Vineyard Church of Delaware County serving on staff with Danny and Penny Meyer. Robb served as an Associate Pastor until he and Julie sensed the call to plant again and in 2009 were sent across the county to plant the Delaware City Vineyard. On September 6 2009, Delaware City Vineyard held its first service and for the past twelve years has faithfully tried to live out its simple mission statement – “in the city, for the city.” Much of the ministry of Delaware City Vineyard focuses on children, the poor, the margins and the lost. The Delaware City Vineyard released the Neighborhood Church plant in Marion, OH in 2017 and have recently sent a church planter to join Vineyard61 in south London.

Throughout his time in the Vineyard, Robb has served as an Area Leader, a Missions Partnership Leader, on the Multiply Vineyard team and in a variety of other translocal roles and task forces. Robb has spoken at regional and national events with Multiply Vineyard and Vineyard Justice Network.

Robb and Julie will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2022 with a trip to Iceland. They are the parents to two teenagers, Emma and Via. As a family they enjoy good music, good food and the great outdoors. You may have seen some of the adventures in their converted school bus on Instagram ( Currently, they are working hard to raise some chickens, shelter some kittens and prepare for spring gardening and orchard planting.

Show Notes:
Tempered Resilience: How Leaders Are Formed in the Crucible of Change by Tod Bolsinger
Strong and Weak by Andy Crouch
Pursuing God’s Will Together by Ruth Haley Barton

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