We Are Vineyard Church Story: Jeff Faust and Vineyard of the Rockies

Episode 5 March 06, 2024 01:12:14
We Are Vineyard Church Story: Jeff Faust and Vineyard of the Rockies
We Are Vineyard
We Are Vineyard Church Story: Jeff Faust and Vineyard of the Rockies

Mar 06 2024 | 01:12:14


Show Notes

In this episode of We Are Vineyard, Super Regional Leader Joel Seymour chats with Jeff Faust about growing up in a dysfunctional home, how his family changed after his mom had a powerful encounter with the Lord, and the spiritual experience he had in college that changed the trajectory of his life. Jeff shares about starting a ministry to the most overlooked people in Kansas City, finding the Vineyard, and being discipled into leadership. Finally, Joel and Jeff talk about Jeff’s call to Fort Collins, the gift of a pastoral transition marked by honor and respect, and the changes they’ve seen in their church since they started incorporating a salvation call each Sunday. 

Growing up far from God with a life marked by wild living and selfish ambition, Jeff was drifting further and further away from the purposes of Christ for the first two decades of his life.

But everything changed when out of God’s abundant grace, he encountered Jesus after a spring break trip to Cancun. In this encounter, Jeff received the freedom and forgiveness he desperately needed and received a calling to spend his life leading people to Christ. Shortly after, he was introduced to InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, where his encounter was matched with intentional discipleship as a student leader.

After meeting Natalie on the same IVCF leadership team (now married for 15 years with three amazing children), he launched a Christian parachurch ministry focused on serving inner-city youth.

During their time in KC, Jeff & Natalie found Vineyard Community Church and immediately felt at home. After serving KC’s youth for a number of years, Jeff transitioned onto staff at Vineyard Community Church where Mark Warner’s leadership prepared him for pastoring in the Vineyard Movement. 

After navigating a fruitful succession plan with Rick Olmstead, Jeff now leads Vineyard Church of the Rockies in Fort Collins, CO.  He continues to lead with the same passion for helping people experience God matched with an ongoing process of discipleship.

Show Notes: 

2024 Vineyard USA National Conference: Seed & Soil 

Hear more of Jeff and Rick Olmstead’s pastoral succession story

Hero Maker by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird 


Vineyard History and Identity Resources: 

The Way It Was by Carol Wimber 

The Quest For The Radical Middle by Bill Jackson 

Empowered Evangelicals by Rich Nathan and Ken Wilson

“I’m a Fool For Christ”– John Wimber’s testimony 


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